Nature of the Wild is a really tiny company. There are only two of us, Charles and Jen, and one of us is the embodiment of tiny! What we lack in size we make up for in spirit. This is our passion and we love sharing that passion with others.

If you need help with an order, booking presentations and shows, or the web site you can contact Jen at 231-862-3317 or
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If you have a question about nature or photography you can contact Charles at 231-862-3317 or
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We give really fine presentations, if we don't mind saying so ourselves. But you don't have to take our word for it, we have a long list of recommendations. We make presentations at a variety of levels on a range of subjects including photography, nature, wildlife and inspiration. We present to educators, conservation groups and classrooms from elementary school to college. The presentations in schools are very interactive, each student gets a chance to become involved. For that reason we only present at the classroom level, presentations are not made to an entire grade. It becomes a much better experience for everyone this way. Even though it takes more time, the results are worth it. The students love these presentations and we love giving them! Click here to send us message and learn more.

Syndicated Articles

We have a number of articles ready for publication in your newspaper, magazine, web site or newsletter, and more are on the way. We also can write and illustrate articles per your specification. We can do articles on speculation, provided that you agree that we can market the article elsewhere if you pass on the article. Click here to send us a message to discuss this further