[Educators Note: A week ago I mentioned sending out some images that might help younger kids with counting. These are some really fun images! As with the other images from last month, if you are interested in using these photos in a classroom to help young students learn to count from one to five, just let me know and I'll mail larger versions to you.]

These photos are fairly old. Years ago we had a tree on our property that had a den hole right where the trunk split into two main branches. This den was the home to five adorable baby squirrels. I set up a camera with a long lens focused on the hole leading to the den and for at least a week we enjoyed the squirrels, taking over a hundred photos. My youngest daughter Whitney would tell me that one of these shots might be hers, and she is right. I have no idea who took which images.

The squirrels started out very shy. They would only peek out of the hole initially. For a while I did not know how many babies there were, because I would only see one at a time. Then they got a little bolder and would start venturing further from the den. The least little sound, motion or even a shadow would send them scurrying back to the safety of the den. They really were like little clowns. I remember something scaring them when they were all out, they tried to pop back in the hole and the last one in had to put his paw on the head of the one before and actually stuff it into the den so that it could get back in! Like I said, they were a lot of fun to watch.

If you ever find yourself in Cadillac's town hall you might see a variation of the photo with five baby squirrels. It won first place in the Cadillac Area Art Fair... I think it must have been the one that Whitney took!

Earlier this week I had a mink on the pond right next to the house. I got a few shots of it, but I actually like this one better. I took this earlier in the year on another pond that I had a project on. The one that I photographed this week was within view of one of the blinds that I have set up. Hopefully I'll see it again some morning when I'm sitting in the blind and can get some tighter shots of it.

On a frosty morning in the last week I was photographing this doe out in a field when something caught my eye on the edge of the field...

Tell me, what do you see in this image?

Charles St. Charles III

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