Over the last 2 months I've been working on a "photo" of a spot that instead of capturing a moment in time would capture entire seasons. Each week I've gone out and made a panoramic image of the
same spot. I started out in September, just as the summer was winding down and the first faint colors of Autumn were beginning to show. In October I captured brilliant colors reflected in the water, then later in the month the leaves start falling. At the beginning of November almost all of the leaves were down, and the colors were the browns and rusts of dead leaves and ferns, and the ever greens of pines. Then this week we had our first snow, and in my mind at least that spells the end of fall.

I wanted to put together a test run of my idea for an image that captures the seasons. It still needs a lot of work... about 9 more months of work, but below is rough version of what I have in mind. This represents 8 weeks of images, with September on the far right and this week on the left. There are a total of 24 images that went into this.

I'm heading out the door for a week of traveling, first stop is New Mexico! This might be the last note for a while so I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving next week!

Charles St. Charles III