Northern Lights

Northern Lights, MI US National Park

I had scouted several locations for the Perseid Meteor shower this month, one of them was this beaver dam. It has open water in front of the dam and the trees on the back water are far enough back that they don't really block the view. The idea was to try to shoot a timelapse and capture reflections of the stars in the open water.

Saturday evening I put on chest waders and started the hike. I waded through water, a cloud of mosquitos, and a shower of my sweat to get to the dam. I set up the tripod right on the dam and shot a timelapse of the sunset and then worked on transitioning the camera setting to do the star time lapse.

I was amazed when the Aurora Borealis started showing up! I'm heading up to the Hudson Bay this week and I thought that I might have a chance to see the Northern Lights there, but I had no thought of seeing it in Michigan before leaving.

This shot is one of the last images in the timelapse before the battery died. The color is at its peak and there is a meteor streaking down. A nice shot of both phenomena. How I wish that the battery had kept on going!