The Trinity

I had noticed this trinity of common loons greeting each other every morning at the same spot during the summer. One morning I got on the water before the sunrise and quietly paddled out and then just waited for the birds to appear. As the sun was coming up I made this image of the three loons. If you look closely you can see the reflection of the rising sun in the loons eyes.

The two loons on the right of this image are adults and the one on the left is a juvenile, it's about two thirds the size of the adults. I know that the adults in the image are the same adults mentioned in the post below, and I'd like to believe that the juvenile is their baby from the year that I photographed the chick on moms back.

Lean On Me

If you look really close you can tell male and female loons apart. Its all about the jewelry that they wear. right below the bill on the front of the neck is a short patch of white bars called the neck strap. Below that is a wider set of white lines that wrap around the back of the neck and taper towards the front, this is called the necklace. Females have a necklace that is almost closed and males have a necklace that is more open. So the bird furthest to the right is a female adult. The bird in the middle is a male adult, and the bird on the left is a juvenile male. Now you know how to tell the players apart!