In the last week I photographed in a wonderful valley that I really like a lot. The hills on either side are quite steep and there is a beautiful creek that flows through the valley bottom. There were 2 breached beaver dams on the creek, and at least 4 new dams in the process of being built. Photographically there are lot of things going for this place... the range of colors was really exciting, there was  a good mix of tree types and the maples were in several different colors. There were also some mature poplar trees with bark that resembled birch and these trees really stood out well against the leaves. Something that I really liked was that I could use a long lens to photograph the trees on the near side of the valley against the color of the trees on the far side of the valley. That let me layer the trees and colors in a way that I normally can't.

There were stretches in this valley where I would walk out to the lip of the hill and just smile because of all the color and beauty! This shot above was just one part of a vista that I really enjoyed. Below is a panorama that includes the shot above. I've resized it here to make it reasonably small, in print this is 6 feet wide. This panorama is one of my favorite shots from this fall, I like the combination of near and far textures and colors.

The next day I returned and did some more work along the stream...

Charles St. Charles III

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