Photo of the Month February 2018 - Birds in the backyard

Photo of the Month February 2018 - Birds in the backyard




I often practice Tao, the path to being in harmony with nature. Winter in the north provides a white backdrop to nature.So I asked Charles to teach me how he does high-key flight photography in winter.

Many birds like chickadees, goldfinches, pine siskin, redpolls, flickers, and woodpeckers that come to our feeders.With snow behind the birds natural light provides a simple, elegant white background to emphasize the beauty of flight captured in high speed photography.
I have a great time learning from Charles as well as from the birds. After a while the birds became quite close to the photographer, and even landed on Charles's head, as if resting on a tree top. Others would perch on the photographer's hand as if they were on a branch.

It was a blessing to have friends just outside my door.How lucky I am to have a teacher by my side. Here are some images from Charles.I Hope you will go out to try to seek your own way in nature.

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