2018 Spring North Dakotas Photo Tour
Date June 8-11 for Wild Horses photo tour Cost: $570
(includes local transportation)

Photo Tours limited to 8 participants


The area that we'll be visiting during the photo tour is part of a continent wide project that Charles St. Charles is involved in that is placing time lapse cameras through out different eco regions. When this project is done there will be at least 90 cameras recording time lapse video through out the continent, a map of the continent will show time lapse video running in near real time inside the map and you'll be able to tap inside any region in the map to get a closer look at what is happening in that region.

During our photo tour you'll be able to learn more about this project, where cameras are being placed during our visit, and how you will be able to get involved if you want to.

Trip to Photograph Wild Horses North Dakota Wild Horses Spring 2018 This trip is an optional addition to the South Dakota trip, or a stand alone trip. This is a trip for wild horse lovers. We’ll meet in Rapid City, SD and local transportation will be provided by Nature of the Wild, we’ll drive up to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in ND. Even though the wildlife and landscape subjects are similar to the South Dakota trip, our emphasis will be on wild horses. There are a number of bands of wild horses in the park and we’ll be photographing both established family groups (a dominant stallion, his mares and foals) and bachelor groups of young stallions. This trip is timed to increase the chance for us to see new born foals. There are about 20 bands of horses that roam the area and we'll be able to capture part of their ongoing life stories.We will return to the Rapid City area on the last night, stay near the airport, and help people make connecting flights on the next day.

Other Wildlife: Prairie Chickens, Marmots, Bluebirds, Burros, Turkeys, Rabbits, Coyotes, Meadowlarks...

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